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Vegas Convention Wraps was formed specifically to perform at the highest level of the Wrapping Game.  Early mornings, late nights, on-site or at our location, indoors or outdoors... if it needs printed, wrapped,  or installed, we are EXACTLY who you should be calling...   RIGHT NOW!!  702.735.9050

Our installation technicians are certified by all three major wrap materials manufacturers, take continuing education classes, and some have even performed at Fespa, the World's Wrap Competition.  To say these guys are elite would be an understatement.   We hire only the best because we know that's exactly what you expect!      Visit our sister company at  Las Vegas Print Solutions for all of your digital printing needs as well.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver under the strictest of deadlines while maintaining a superior level of quality in our workmanship.
Please, take a moment to view some videos of CES 2012 and see what Vegas Convention Wraps can get done in 72 hours with no notice whatsoever.... three fully wrapped cabs and two  fully wrapped 40' SUV limos.  Lenovo Computers came to us when one of our competitors dropped the ball. They asked us to make the "DO Devil" a reality.  You can see the video for yourself.
Our RAPID TURNAROUND time amazes some clients and seems as if it's an everyday occurance to others....  however,  having wrapped countless vehicles for Nvidia Graphics, Matchbox (Mattel Toys), Oracle Computers,  and the like, we know whats expected from our workmanship, our personnel, and our products.
We constantly and consistantly meet tight deadlines while delivering a superior product.
Vegas Convention Wraps